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theSAGE results coming in better than expected!

Eli Volem, from Earth Advantage is doing some of our final checklist items on our way to LEED Platinum. Our blower door test came in at 0.56 ach, which is a third what our April 1 test was and one of the best ratings ever seen by Earth Advantage and EWEB. Woo Hoo!

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theEMERALD – Floor Plan

Here’s the plan. You can download a flyer of the whole thing at the link below. This plan will fit on many urban infill sites. Designed to fit on a 60′ x 75′ lot which is what we’ve found is becoming very typical in urban settings. Many lots in the downtown core were originally 60′ x 150′ and newer zoning […]

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theEMERALD – Front Elevation

Here’s the front elevation of our latest plan: theEMERALD. This series will have a more traditional flavor to blend into existing urban contexts. But theEMERALD will still have sustainability at the forefront of its concept. More to come…

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theSAGE Rainwater Collection

We installed the rainwater pipe today. 2′ diameter x 39′ long. Will hold water for our pond and water some of our drought-resistant plants as needed. The gutters drain down the chain to the funnels. Overflow visible at the bottom of the picture. We’ll also have a hand pump for hand watering potted plants.

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new plan coming soon — the EMERALD

We are developing a new plan at thesimpleHOUSE. We’ve received feedback that it would be nice to see plans even smaller than what we’ve been doing. That kind of input is encouraging; it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in our thoughts along those lines. theEMERALD will check in at a lean 896 square feet. Two bedrooms, one bath. This […]

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