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my aha moment

A couple of weeks ago, Mutual of Omaha came through Eugene. Someone from their organization had wandered across our website and contacted me about recording my “aha moment”. I thought, “why not?” So, on a warm, sunny August day, in an Airstream trailer in downtown Eugene, I spent a few minutes chatting with Jessica Henry and recording a snippet of […]

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Gardening Eden

Gardening Eden, by Michael Abbaté is a book about creation care that, as the tag line says “will change your faith, your life, and our world.” I was first introduced to Mike’s book by my son-in-law, who had climbed Mt. Hood with him. He told me a friend of his had this book coming out that he thought I’d enjoy. […]

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Toothbrushes and Running Water

I was talking to a friend a while back who was visiting his grandchildren in England. They asked him why he left the water running while he was brushing his teeth. This gave him pause to think about that. And this caused me to think about the times we leave the water running when we don’t really need to. So […]

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The Lawrence Street House – Sidewalks and Urbanite

Our lot is 60 x 150 feet. The 150 foot side has a fairly new sidewalk, but the 60 foot side on Lawrence Street, I think may have the original sidewalk from 1940. It’s worn, broken, heaving and needs to be replaced.Now, we could chop it up, haul it to the dump and contribute to the roughly one third of […]

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Don’t Halve Your Friends

I know this post will be a little different than many of my previous posts, but I felt I needed to get some balance back into what we do. Halving things is good, but some things simply shouldn’t be minimized. There were a number of factors leading up to this that I need to explain, so stay with me, OK? […]

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theFERN – latest picture

stucco and roof are on theFERN in Marathon, Texas Steven Jones sent us the latest picture of his version of theFERN that he’s building in Marathon, Texas. His comment: “I love it!” Thanks, Steven, we’re looking forward to seeing it completed.

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