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More Progress on the House(s)

    It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve done an update. Sorry about that, but I’ve been really busy at work and things visually hadn’t changed much. We have all of the walls now framed and are close to getting trusses delivered. My mason is installing the porch posts and cheek walls for the three porches […]

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Cottage Progress

    The Cottage is coming along well. Walls up, plywood on. Trusses are coming soon and the walls on the Main House will be starting tomorrow. We are doing the exterior walls as two, separate 2×4 walls with a 1″ gap between. This gives us an 8″ wall and about an R-37 insulation level. R-values (“resistance”) are something that […]

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Apartment Life | The First Week

I actually thought I’d do one post on the apartment, then move back to the house. But it’s been amazing to my wife and I how many people are raising and eyebrow, asking, questioning, skeptical that we could go from a 2,750 sq ft home to a 950 sq ft apartment with little adjustment. So as I sit on my […]

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