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Recent Progress

There hasn’t been much visible to post, so I thought I’d show some recent progress (and Hannah is helping with this post; she’s used to this, I think, because her other set of gaga’s are building right now, too). We have the garage slabs poured and covered, the rough plumbing mostly in and are just finishing the underground utilities (electrical, […]

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Rains and Roofs and Pumps

We have had rain and more rain. The fans in the crawl spaces ended upĀ sitting in about 6″ to 8″ of water. Argh… So we have a pump in the crawl space now and are pumping out the water. Now that the roofs are on (or at least dried in) we should be in better shape on this front. I’m […]

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This Week’s Progress

With the roof trusses up and the eaves and fascias and barge boards going up, the houses are really, really feeling good to us. The overhang framing adds such a dimension to the houses and the curb appeal. The stacked, double 2×8 fascias add a sense of mass to the houses that, I feel, is critical. One pet peeve I […]

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Really Taking Shape Now

  The trusses were delivered this week and the houses are really taking shape now. We are getting a feel for how the houses’ room sizes and relationships to the neighborhood will be. And we love it. The way the houses sit on the lot and relate to each other is exactly as we pictured in our minds. The porches […]

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