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“Right Sizing” and Durability – Part Two

The initial cost of a home is far from the total, real cost. As I mentioned in my previous post, the long-term life-cycle costs account for 85% of the monetary cost of a home; only 15% is that initial cost. A significant portion of that 85% is maintenance and repairs. I am actually amazed at the number of builders and […]

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“Right Sizing” and Durability – Part One


There are many aspects of a home that are important. I want to highlight two of them in my next two posts: Physical size of the home and the durability of the materials. I’ll talk about size in this post and touch on durability in my next post. As you can see from the chart, in the last 30 years, […]

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Thinking of Net Zero

We’ve been in our home 4 months now (coming up on 5, actually). Time sure flies. As of the end of October, we have been using an average of about 295 kWh of electricity per month (remember we are 100% electric, no gas). And we have built up an 1,800 kWh CREDIT going into the winter. We may just make […]

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