Feedback and Questions

I’m curious — what are YOUR thoughts on sustainability? What do you think of our blog and our website? What else would you like to see and what would you like to discuss? I’m open to suggestions for topics.

sustainable AND affordable?

So… I called today on a great-sounding product. It’s a countertop material made entirely from 100% recycled beer and glass bottles. 

It’s $125 to $175 per square foot.

If this is made from “garbage” stuff, why so expensive?
If sustainable isn’t affordable, it isn’t truly sustainable.

welcome to thesimpleHOUSE!

We have just launched our blog! 

The idea is to create discussion about sustainable housing 
and talk about what is TRULY “green”. 

The terms “green” and even “sustainable” have become buzz words — 
so much so that they may lose their proper meaning. 

This blog will try to filter all that. Join us as we head down this road!

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