About Me

IMG_3802I am an Architect, licensed in the State of Oregon a LEED AP and cSBA. Married to Brenda since 1981. I began being interested in sustainability in the mid-1970s while attending the University of Oregon. I got involved with solar there via John Reynolds, my advisor and professor. I started my own Architecture firm with Dan Hill in 1983 and we specialized in solar and energy-efficient design. We’ve had a wonderful career, but I have recently felt the “tug” to get into small, efficient, affordable, sustainable housing. That’s what spurred this venture. In 2008, I started thesimpleHOUSE with the idea of creating housing for the average family that is sustainable and green from the ground up. You see, most people cannot afford architect fees and most stock plans you purchase on line are old, tried and true designs that have been popular for decades with a new “green” skin placed on them. I wanted something fresh; something that was conceived to be green and sustainable from the initial inception.