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Apartment Life – Redux

We have made the next step in our transition. Our movers were on hyperdrive yesterday and what was going to be a two-day move to the apartment, then put the rest in storage ended up being a one-day event. We had tried to purge as much unnecessary “stuff” ahead of time and with Brenda’s awesome lead (she did most of […]

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Progress Today

  We stripped the forms on the Cottage today and started setting up forms on the house. House concrete will be poured tomorrow. Coming along nicely.   We are using high fly ash concrete. This recycles a waste product (coal ash from coal power pants) and results in stronger concrete.

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The Adventure Has Begun!

  Well, after five years and a couple of months, we have sold our Wintercreek home and have embarked on our new adventure in downtown Eugene. It’s late right now and I’m tired. But I wanted to get this started and hopefully I’ll be consistent with the updates. Time will tell. As I recently said on my Facebook page: “It’s […]

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