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Apartment Life – Redux

549550_10151267535645902_1427022305_nWe have made the next step in our transition. Our movers were on hyperdrive yesterday and what was going to be a two-day move to the apartment, then put the rest in storage ended up being a one-day event. We had tried to purge as much unnecessary “stuff” ahead of time and with Brenda’s awesome lead (she did most of it), we got it all done in a day.

We have moved into one of our apartments on River Road and will live here until the house is complete. We haven’t lived in an apartment since 1982, but it is quite a blessing that we have this available for us. Living on a very busy street will take some getting used to; but so far, going from 2,750 sq ft to 950 sq ft has been pretty easy.

Floor framing of the cottage started yesterday and floor framing the house probably will start today.

Today we will be organizing the apartment and getting things in their place. More later.


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  1. Randy Rowbotham says:

    Thanks for all of your great photos and updates. Keep me updated!

    Long-time friend,