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Bye Bye Beetle

In October 2002, I bought a new 2003 VW Turbo S Beetle. 6-speed. Fast. Loved it. In June 2009, we bought our lot where we now have our new home. The idea was to be able to walk more and be less car-dependent. In June 2015, we moved into our new home. From day one, we decided we would see […]

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One Year Today

  One year ago today, we moved into our new home. It has been an amazing year! We have not only met virtually all of our neighbors, we’ve become good friends. We’ve gone to plays, concerts and had dinner together. We had a Memorial Day Potluck that was a blast with 22 friends from the ‘hood. Brenda and I have […]

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Zeroing in on Net Zero

[UPDATED 29 April 2016] I haven’t posted for a while. We’ve been enjoying the neighborhood and our neighbors and settling in. But we’ve had a couple of pieces of “news” that I wanted to update you all on. First, our LEED certification is OFFICIALLY complete (finally). Looks like the main house needed 86 points to achieve Platinum (the highest rating) […]

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