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One Year Today


IMG_3897One year ago today, we moved into our new home. It has been an amazing year!

We have not only met virtually all of our neighbors, we’ve become good friends. We’ve gone to plays, concerts and had dinner together. We had a Memorial Day Potluck that was a blast with 22 friends from the ‘hood.

Brenda and I have loved living downtown. We walk most places, so much so that the VW Beetle we own will be for sale soon; no need for two cars anymore.

The house is performing impeccably well. Energy use is so low, we actually are a “net producer” both for the house and the cottage. As of today, the cottage has generated 867 kWh more electricity than it has used and our house has generated 1,073 kWh more than we’ve used. So not only have we achieved net zero, we’ve exceeded it.

And as you may have noticed from my Facebook posts, our garden is going nuts. This is the first house we’ve had where we have enough sun for a garden. I don’t post food pictures, but last night we had sautéed crookneck, zucchini, green onion and basil pesto, virtually all from our garden.

Lovin’ it downtown!


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