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Zeroing in on Net Zero


[UPDATED 29 April 2016] I haven’t posted for a while. We’ve been enjoying the neighborhood and our neighbors and settling in. But we’ve had a couple of pieces of “news” that I wanted to update you all on.

First, our LEED certification is OFFICIALLY complete (finally). Looks like the main house needed 86 points to achieve Platinum (the highest rating) and we scored right at 101 points. The Cottage needed 80 points and ended up right at 98. Woo hoo! [Also, our HERS ratings are 9 and 18 respectively; find out what that means at HERS]

And add to that, we’ve been through the winter and now are generating more solar electric. As of yesterday, we have received to date from EWEB 4,361 kWh since we’ve moved in and have delivered 4,663 kWh, about 300 kWh more than we’ve used. The Cottage is at 2,254 kWh and 2,558 kWh respectively.

That means both houses are currently running at net zero. Pretty exciting.

I’ll post more updates along the way, but we’re having family over and getting ready to bbq.


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