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Greenway Townhouses are Complete!

Come with me as I take you on a tour of our Greenway Townhouses. Located at 785 River Road in Eugene, Oregon, we built an 11-apartment project on a previously-developed site. As you can see in this photo, each apartment has its own private south-facing courtyard. Durable materials such as galvanized siding and concrete patios add to the low-maintenance exteriors.

Landscaping, once established, will not need irrigation. And all our rainwater from the roofs, the sidewalks and parking lot stays on site in our large rain garden. No storm water goes into the City storm system.

We achieved Earth Advantage Platinum rating and are targeting LEED Gold.

For rental information, contact:

Principle Property Management, 4710 Village Plaza Loop, Suite 220, Eugene, Oregon 97401. 541-345-6789.

Or contact Dan Hill at 541-913-0016 or Bill Randall at 541-517-2223.

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