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Insulation, Sheetrock and Plaster


It’s been an interesting few weeks. We’ve spent a significant amount of time (and money) drying out the houses in order to insulate. So everything during this time pretty much ground to a halt other than running two large fans, three dehumidifiers and three heaters getting the moisture content of our interior wood down to 10% to 14% and sending our EWEB bill through the proverbial roof. Because we used closed cell foam, we needed to be drier than Code (which is 19%). The closed cell foam seals the wall and we didn’t want to seal in any excess moisture.

But we made it and then have started moving again. We insulated and today the sheetrockers finished the main house. The cottage will be Monday as will the beginning of the plaster. They will be spending most of next week doing the plaster, then Monday-Tuesday of the following week (March 23-24) painting the walls, stocking the wood floor to acclimate on the 25th and moving on with interior trim.

It’s refreshing to see ¬†workers on site again. We’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress.

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