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We Are in the Home Stretch!



We are in the home stretch on our new home. I haven’t posted for a while because there haven’t been a lot of visible changes and this stage has been very time consuming with the last details.

Inspections are down to final electrical, final mechanical, final plumbing and final building. 

Insulation is complete. Exterior stone is almost done (just the wall caps). Irrigation and landscaping going in. Cabinet hardware and door stops are almost done. Appliances are in and they are measuring for window coverings. You know you are close when they are measuring for window coverings!

Solar, as you can see from the photo, is almost complete (all the panels are now in on the house and cottage; 9.4 kW total) and we just need final solar inspection (Monday) and the installation of our net meter so we can be reimbursed for our electricity generation. LEED and Earth Advantage inspections will come near the end of this month. (A shout out to my electrician, who, after drilling a new hole in the floor for some wiring thought to foam it before we covered it. Thanks, Tyler!).

One last thought: this above picture is especially meaningful for me because this is our third home Brenda and I have built in our journey and the first that we have been able to do solar. Our previous two homes had just a bit too much shading. But our home downtown has clear, unobstructed sky, so we decided to put solar on the home AND the cottage. Making up for lost time, I guess.

All along this process, we’ve been diligent at not setting a firm date for completion. The last two homes we did that and the final stretch became stressful; so we decided not to do that this time. But now, we have the movers scheduled later this month, so it’s official. We still have 350 sq ft of extra teak flooring for sale (see that post here) and we are going to start officially advertising the Cottage for rent (see that post here). It will be available July 1.

I’ll post again after we move in.

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  1. eva says:

    Wow! Looking good. It is going to be beautiful. Need to see it soon.