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A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

bikesAs we sat on our front porch this afternoon, we took pause to reflect on our now almost two years (!) living in our neighborhood. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long!

Today was a beautiful, sunny spring day with some clouds, a fair amount of sun, and a cool breeze. We went for a walk to the local supermarket and on our return decided to just take a bunch of photos on our walk home. Some I posted on my personal Facebook page and some I didn’t post. But we enjoyed everything from my barber shop just a few blocks away to rows of houses, all with front porches, to our mail carrier and a neighbor all converging near our front porch at the same time.

As we relaxed on this sunny Saturday afternoon, enjoying mochas on our front porch, bicyclists went by as well. Not as many as a couple of weeks ago (44 in just 30 minutes; I didn’t count today), but quite a few nonetheless.

Last night we went on the First Friday ArtWalk downtown. Enjoyed the Delgani String Quartet at the public library, visited our friend, Susan, who owns Mosaic Fair Trade Collection, our other friend, Sandi, who runs Pacific Rim Art Guild, then finished with dinner at Ambrosia and a pleasant walk home.

Tonight, we are off to the Wildish Theater to see Guys and Dolls, the Rose Children’s Theater production directed by our neighbor, Scott.

We live such a rich and blessed life. It’s awesome!

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