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Rains and Roofs and Pumps

IMG_1009We have had rain and more rain. The fans in the crawl spaces ended upĀ sitting in about 6″ to 8″ of water. Argh…

So we have a pump in the crawl space now and are pumping out the water. Now that the roofs are on (or at least dried in) we should be in better shape on this front.

I’m talking to my plumber about putting in permanent sump pumps at each house to keep the crawl spaces dry.

But the bright spot in all this is the roof. The latest round of heavy rains hit yesterday (Thursday) and my roofer was originally scheduled for Thursday to dry in the main house. BUT, River Roofing came out on Wednesday and got us dried in BEFORE the latest round of rain. And that’s why I use and recommend them. They are awesome, they think ahead and they will bend over backward for you.

I also met with the mechanical people today (Comfort Flow Heating) and went over the locations for our mini-split heat pump units and the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) vent locations. Another top-notch company. They care about where the vents go, how it all goes together and how it looks as well as how it works.

That’s the latest update; more later.


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  1. eva says:

    Do you remember that we had a sump pump in our house in Sandpoint as we had a floor furnace. I highly recommend Comfort Flow, too. Looking good!